By Rita Broden

A moment of crisis
A moment of testing
A moment of conflict
A moment of resting.

A moment of peace
Then a moment of war
A moment not knowing
Just what lies in store.

A moment of trust
Then a moment of fear
A moment not wanted
A moment held dear.

A moment of good health
A moment of bad
A moment with mom
And a moment with dad.

A moment of choices:
Accept Jesus? Deny?
A moment of ‘almost’
Then that moment’s gone by.

Please! Use this moment
To secure your salvation
Jesus already sent you
A warm invitation.

It’s this moment He’s waited for
All of your days
From this moment on
You could sing His high praise.

No moment is promised
No moment is sure
It’s important to know
That your soul is secure.

This moment right now?
It could be your last
Moments, as moments do,
Go by too fast.

There’s coming a moment
You’ll stand before God
Will your sins be laid bare?
Or covered by Jesus’ blood?




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