My Check List


My Check List
By Tom D Blakely

‘Gun, money, warrant card, keys, fags, lighter.’
And so equipped, I then set off, to work feelin so much better.
The other things were standard dress, but these were my priority
For chaos reigned at home back then, and I had to do my duty.

In the midst of all this bedlam, God spoke of love and mercy
But I replied: ‘Oh really? Then, why did you wreck my family?’
Days went by, and patiently, God spoke to make me realise
If I refused to come to Him, in sin I’d likewise perish.

‘Don’t look back, don’t question me; that path is for the foolish,
Follow me, to Calvary and I will show you Jesus.’
I saw a vision of the cross; I saw Jesus die for me.
I repented there of all my sin and my Saviour set me free.

‘Prayer, Bible, keys and gun’ and onto my Kawasaki!
A few loud revs and I was gone and feelin very happy;
To tell the world about my Lord, and share His wondrous gospel
A hostile area; now that’s the truth! But I was equipped for trouble.

My wife then later spoke to me, sayin: ‘God is your upholder,
So Tom, your trust must be in Him, and not in your revolver.’
I argued back: ‘What do you know? It’s really dangerous out there!’
She stood in silence; God did the work in answer to her prayer.

So since that day the Lord has shown: it’s not by my own power
His Spirit leads me by His word, with Jesus, hour by hour.
I don’t use check lists these days; not even when it comes to prayer.
I keep an open line to Jesus always, knowin He is always there.



‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of hosts.’
[Zechariah 4:6]



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