My Child, You May Enter In!


My Child, You May Enter In!
By Marie C Neubauer

The world may think you’re wonderful,
Admire you in every way,
But in the end what only matters,
Is whether you followed Christ each day!

For this life is only fleeting,
It is really just a test,
Did you serve the living Savior,
By obeying and giving Him your best!

For it really does not matter,
If this world’s acceptance you ever got,
When you face Christ on Judgment Day,
Will you be acceptable to Him, or not?

Have you knelt at the Cross of Calvary,
Applying His atoning blood to all your sin?
So that when you meet Christ on Judgment Day,
You’ll hear,”My child, you may enter in”!


‘Strive to enter in at the strait gate,
for I say unto you that many will try to enter in, but will not be able.’
[Mark 13:24]



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