My City


My City
By Tom D Blakely

 I look above the city
To see the hills and sky,
It seems to lift my spirit
With power from on high.

The city is familiar
My life from day to day,
But nature seems above that
And points toward the Way.

Our wonderful Creator
Who made the hills and sky,
Has been to earth to visit;
He came to earth to die.

His blood was shed to save us
A sacrifice for sin,
We claim this priceless offering
To have God’s peace within.

Yet few from this great city
Will ever find the way,
To have their sins forgiven
Before the judgement day.

+ + +

A different city, Sodom
Once stood in borrowed time,
Through eyes of faith I see it
It looks so much like mine.

The city folk were busy
No time to look above,
Their sinful hearts were spurning
Their Creator and His love.

The law of God was known
Their judgement day drew near,
Those men and women acted
As if they had no fear.

God’s patience soon was ended
The vials were poured out,
The heavens emptied brimstone
And flames flared round about.

One family missed the judgement
By trusting in the Lord,
But those that loved the city
Received their sin’s reward.


I look across my city
Though Sodom’s not its name,
I see an angel standing
I see his burning flame.

The judgement’s coming quickly
O why can they not see?
And put their trust in Jesus


This is a fearful picture of God’s final judgement on this sinful, rebellious world.
May many be led to salvation in Jesus, before it is too late.


Abraham interceded with God to save the great cities of the plain for the sake of all the righteous occupants. God saved the righteous occupants, a few from one family,
then destroyed the remainder.
[Genesis 18:16 – 19:28]



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