My Cross


My Cross
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

You have given me a cross Lord,
poor health and pain to bare,
Ever since my childhood,
But all these things You share.

I can’t remember many times,
when I felt really well,
Though circumstances often changed,
pain and sickness plagued me still.

Yet through it all you were there,
You never left my side,
Even in the darkest days,
when I almost died.

You bought me through it all Lord,
and gave me inner peace,
I know whatever comes to me,
Your love will never cease.

The future isn’t bright Lord,
pain and illness comes my way,
Though many people pray for me,
It does not go away.

Sometimes the thought of days ahead
of pain that is to come,
my heart is filled with longing
for my life here to be done.

So I can go and be with you,
where pain will be no more,
As with loving arms you welcome me,
and open heaven’s door.

But also Lord, I want to stay,
more work for you to do,
So give me inner peace Lord
my trust to put in you.

Help me my cross to carry,
and keep my spirit bright,
In the knowledge that whatever comes,
I will be walking, in your light.




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