My God


My God
By June Stein

Only in God, my soul finds rest,
He is my rock, my fortress,
Salvation comes from Him, alone,
I joyfully can witness.

In every trial, and all my sin,
my God is ever steadfast,
Jesus died on the cross for me,
and His mercy holds me fast.

There is nothing in this world,
that can tear me from His grasp,
I am His forevermore;
He gives me strength when ‘ere I ask.

The joy Christ gives can’t be perceived,
unless you open up your heart,
Whenever He is truly sought,
new life and mercy He imparts.

The world will never satisfy,
the longing that is deep within,
We are created in God’s image,
true joy is only found in Him.

What boundless, steadfast love is ours,
complete forgiveness for our sin,
Sheltered beneath His wings forever,
the Holy Spirit dwells within.




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