My Hope Is In You Lord


My Hope Is In You Lord
By W A Zamorano

O Lord, my God I need a break
there isn’t any more that I can take.

Accusations plenty, from all sides
Lord, I have been repenting, I want to do what’s right.

Help me to receive correction after all my introspection
Lord, I know I am still far from perfection.

Father, my heart is broken over all the words spoken
There is no love, no compassion, only fault finding and harassing.

Where can I go, what can I do? My hope is in you Lord
Only you can help me, make it through.

Help me not to complain, when I am in pain
Help me to be silent like the Lamb that for my sin was slain.

Help me to forgive, help me to release
All the offenses, help me to find peace.

Heal me Lord, I can’t take any more
I need you to intervene, come on the scene.

Lord, I am too weak to fight alone
You said to come boldly to your throne.

To ask for help in times of need
That you’ll be found by all who seek.

I thank you, Lord for using me
in spite of the faults they see in me, in the gift of poetry.

Lord, when I read the words you’re giving me
I stand amazed at your Mercy and Grace.

Lord, I thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder
I already feel a little bolder.

Lord, I know deep down inside
You’ll make everything alright.

Lord, I will rejoice and give you praise, forever grateful I will be
You took the punishment for me, on a hill called Calvary.


‘For you are my hope, O Lord GOD: you are my trust from my youth.’
[Psalm 71:5]



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