My Library


My Library
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

I am the owner of a library,
contained within one book,
It is very comprehensive,
just come and take a look.

There are several books of history,
accounts of battles won,
then there’s a book of poetry,
to read when work is done.

There are books they tell us stories,
and books that give advice,
books that tell of joy and love,
and some that tell of vice.

There are several books of letters,
and many family trees,
books that tell of journeys,
across the lands and seas.

But best of all, the Gospels,
which tell of Jesus’ birth,
of how He left His home above,
and came to live on earth.

Of how He died, for all our sin,
Salvation to impart,
That’s why I love my library,
My Bible, every part.




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