My ‘Ouch’ Poem


My ‘Ouch’ Poem
By Rita Broden

My child, please hear Me! This is vital to you!
You must stop this bragging of the things that you do!

I’ve promised you mansions and streets paved with gold,
But your rewards have diminished with the things you have told.

Sometimes you have done things for others to see.
Sometimes you have said things, to say, ‘Look at me!’

It’s My spirit which moves you to furnish a need.
And My spirit also which compels to good deeds.

Since I have your attention, there’s more you should know,
And I tell you these things because I want you to grow.

The Spirit of love that was given to you
Is a gift; not a choice. It’s for all; not a few

To hold back this love from even just one
Starts to quench the desire to follow the Son.

This sin of omission, to hold back this love
Comes from elsewhere, it’s not from the Father above.

God’s love won’t keep score of the hurt and the pain
God’s love keeps forgiving, again and again!

His love is not based on emotions, you see
It’s practiced and walked in, so that others may see.

The difference between those who call themselves Mine
And the rest of the world so lost and so blind.

If you’ll walk in His love every day of your life
The things that now hurt you won’t cause you much strife.

You’ll see all situations in a brand new perspective
God designed love that way; as an A-I protective.

So walk in His love! Freely extend it to others!
Your family and friends, your sisters and brothers!

Co-workers, neighbors, the man on the street!
God’s love must be given to make YOU complete!




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