My Window


My Window
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Thank you for my window Lord
and for my lovely view,
thank you for the things I see
and for the people too.

In winter when the trees are bare
I can see the school and church,
as I look across the now ploughed field
through bare branches of oak and birch.

The children wave as they pass by
dressed in their warm winter clothes,
the postman gives a cheery wave
as on his rounds he goes.

If I have to stay indoors
by my window I do sit,
and enjoy the view you have given me
as I read, or write, or knit.

I watch the leaves come out in spring
I watch to see corn grow,
there is beauty in the sky above
and in the earth below.

I see it from my window,
and give you thanks and praise,
for all that you have given me
for blessings all my days.




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