O Foolish Man


O Foolish Man
By W A Zamorano

O foolish man
What has become of you
Held captive by religion
Shackled by tradition
Bound by superstition.

You have lost your vision
You have lost your sight
You have been deceived
You’ve bought a pack of lies.

You have become blind
Perverted in your mind
You’ve forsaken God’s only Son
Fallen prey to the evil one.

You have become fools
Living by your man made rules
Driving God out of your land
Without whom it cannot stand.

So get ready one and all
You who are standing proud
And walking tall
You are about to fall.

God has not lost His power
He is still in control of the universe
He is the creator of heaven and earth
He alone knows the day and the hour.

His judgments are righteous
He abides in the Truth
His Mercy and Loving kindness
He has poured out for you.

Listen up, O man
God has always had a plan
Repent and confess your sin
And the Lord will take you in.

Do not wait until it is too late
And you end up in a godless grave
Now is the time to get right with God
Now is the time to get saved!




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