On The Brink


On The Brink
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

I stood on the brink of heaven,
surrounded by wonderful love,
Wrapped in a cloud like sunshine,
beside me, below and above.
The light and the love that engulfed me,
was too perfect to ever describe,
My heart leaped for joy at the prospect,
of forever, right there, to abide.

But my Lord bid me not to enter,
for he still had work I must do,
Now I long for the love that is waiting,
for me when my work here is through.
The love which on earth is given,
however great it might be,
Is only a fraction so tiny,
of the love that is waiting for me.

I stood on the brink of heaven,
had a taste of that love so divine,
Now death holds no power to hurt me,
For I know what one day, will be mine.
If only I knew how to tell it,
to those who are lost and alone
So thet too will share in the wonder,
of joy, when it’s time to go home.


Written following a major operation when I was near to death.
No words could ever express the depths of love and joy I felt.



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