On The Day Of Christ’s Birth


On The Day Of Christ’s Birth
By Cinda M Carter

On the day of Christ’s birth,
He was sent here to earth.
Being born in a manger,
He would soon face much danger.

There was no room in the inn,
He was born in a world of sin.
He was holy and pure…
There would be much to endure.

For the new baby who was born,
His clothing that was to be worn.
Was a blanket of swaddling cloth,
Not luxurious or soft.

It had only just begun,
With the birth of a new born Son.
A new beginning and a new hope for all,
A way back to God after the fall.

Through the birth of a baby boy,
For many it would bring much joy.
For those who will call upon Him,
He promised He would deliver from sin.

A chance to be free from their sin,
In Christ it would all begin.
His promise was to us,
To believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and trust.

He was not only King of the Jews but King of the gentiles too.
He loved us very much and many lives He would touch,
He came here to earth…
And it all began on the day of Christ’s birth.




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