One Little Cabin


One Little Cabin
By Lucia K Haase

One little cabin in the woods stands bright;
from windows beams a brilliant candlelight.
The moon reflects a periwinkle glow
through woodland deep and o’re the drifting snow.
A hiding owl hoots from Winter oak
enlaced within an alabaster cloak.
Gray puffs of chimney smoke uprise nearby
just barely seen ‘fore reaching starlit sky.
Inside, near to the warmth of fireplace,
a family prays so thankful for His grace
and blessings shared with each and every year-
for loved ones, friends and others they hold dear.
Beneath the Christmas tree, the gifts are few,
yet all hand made, with loving care so true.
The children gather ’round the tree to sing…
“Oh Silent Night” throughout the forest rings,
such heartfelt praise to be heard Heaven’s way,
where He who oversees had heard them pray.
And joy aglow is heard on Christmas Eve,
and love for Jesus, in whom they believe.
They celebrate the greatest gift of all…
outside, a gentle snow begins to fall…




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