One Thing Will Never End


One Thing Will Never End
By W A Zamorano

When we get to Heaven
There will be no more crying
No more sighing
No more sorrow
No more fear of tomorrow.

No more sickness and disease
No more need to intercede
No more praying over there
No more worry, no more care.

But there is one thing
That will never cease
The thing we were created for
Will increase more and more.

The day we were born again
Was the resurrection
Of our inner man
And our immortality began.

Our fellowship with God
Was reinstated
Just as it was
When Adam He created.

God has made us to the praise
Of the glory of His grace
It is this praise my friend
That is never going to end.

We will give Him praise
With our hands upraised
You and I, Sister and Brother
Standing next to each other.

We will bow before the Ancient of Days
And worship Him with perpetual praise
We will praise the Great I Am
Forever and ever and ever, AMEN.




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