By June Stein

ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism,
ONE God and Father of us all,
Above all, through all and in all,
In each One, who answers His call.

Each One is to lead a life worthy,
Of the calling to which he is called,
There is ONE Body, ONE Spirit, ONE Hope,
And Grace to each; by measure of Christ’s gift to us all

His gifts are given to each One, as is fit,
For building up the Body of Christ,
Until we all attain to the unity of faith…
Knowledge of the Son, in measure of the fullness of Christ.

Then, we will no longer be children,
To be scattered in perverse doctrines’ winds,
Which, with craftiness and deceit, are sent out by cunning men.
Speaking Truth with love, in Christ, we grow up in every way into Him.

In Christ, the whole Body is knit together, by every joint supplied,
And when each part works together, up builds itself in Love,
Rejecting all falsehood sent forth by Satan, as each One speaks the truth,
The Truth is Jesus, we are One in Him, on the way to our home above.


[From Ephesians, chapter four]



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