Only Believe


Only Believe
By Cinda M Carter

Revealed from the Heavenly Father above…
His presence comes in as gentle as a dove.
He’s always watching over us,
All He asks us is that we trust.

His forgiveness is deeper than the ocean sea,
Jesus just wants us to believe.
He wants us to believe in our Father above,
Who is always reaching out with His love.

The branches are engrafted into the tree,
It is Jesus that we long to please.
Only stand on God’s Word and believe,
Then you will be as the branch in the tree.

There will be fellowship with the Heavenly Father,
And you shall bear much fruit with many others.
Ask and it shall be given to you, Seek and you shall find.
Knock and the door will be opened, to all who believe in Christ.

Just as the person who seeks for the things
That are truly valuable in life…
In the things we believe to be priceless…
As we reach for the goal of becoming Christlike,

In faith, hope and love…Which only comes from knowing Christ,
Open our eyes to see…it’s not what we do,
But it’s our faith in You.
Only Believe!




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