Our Father Who Art In Heaven


Our Father Who Art In Heaven
By Cinda M Carter

Dear Lord, we worship You this day,
With our praise.
Giving glory to Your Name,
For it is from You where we came.

Yes, we have many different earthly fathers,
Each one not quite like any other.
But none can compare,
With the love that You show us and You share.

Your love is astounding,
And Your grace is abounding.
It is for all of mankind that you care.
Your love for us is flawless and beyond compare.

How can we honor Your Name?
How can we give our love in the same?
Through worship and praise,
A longing to know you with each new day.

Help us to express our love to You
In all that we say and do.
Giving to others is a blessing and a start,
But most of all loving You with our whole heart.

Reaching out to the lost,
Given all cost.
A surrendered life,
What a glorious price.

Giving thanks to our Heavenly Father above,
For He has given to us all in His love.
On the cross Jesus died and was raised from the grave to be Glorified.
Forever more to be adored…

As “Our Father Who Art in Heaven”.




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