By Rita Broden

Outside the sounds of silence-
Outside the bliss of peace-
Outside the focus of the Lord-
I find there’s no release.

There’s no such thing as comfort
When, from Your shelter, I step out
There’s only trouble lurking
And only thoughts that cause much doubt.

When I let go of Your protection, Lord,-
When I take journeys of my own-
I wander on a different path
And my mind begins to roam.

Those steps in wrong directions
And those thoughts, un-glorified,
Make sad my bless-ed Savior
Who, for my soul, bled and died.

How can I make You happy now?
I chose that wayward path
Forgiveness is an option
(Though, I deserve Your righteous wrath)

As Faithful, You’ll forgive me
But, forgive myself will I?
Or will I let un-forgiveness’ torment
Taunt and chase me till I die?

Or will I surrender to
The prayer You taught us all
And seek, Lord, Your forgiveness
As I forgive myself for my great fall?

True and Faithful are You, Lord of Hosts
God’s Lamb You’re Holy and You’re Just
Forgiveness, Lord, is what I seek
And now, forgive myself I must.

Help me, Lord, no more to stray
Keep my mind and keep my heart
As I walk the very straightest path
Let me not again depart.

Help me take those stray thoughts captive
Then teach me how to let them go
Purge my thoughts, my precious Lord,
And, once again, Your mercy show.

How grateful that I am, Lord,
That You never tire of me
Your love is everlasting
And Your mercy’s at my plea.

Your forgiveness is first nature
It is complete; sins cast to sea!
I desire, my sweet Savior,
Your forgiveness dwell in me.

I’m still growing, this You know
This flesh and blood gets weak
With every day You give, Lord,
Help me Your character to seek!

May You so fully dwell within me-
And may I grant You every part-
So that others, when they see me,
Will see You right from the start.




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