Peace…Knowing We Are Forgiven


Peace…Knowing We Are Forgiven
By Cinda M Carter

We find no peace in this world…
Or in our worldly goods.
They are but like the grass,
Wordly goods do not last.

Yes, they may give you a feel good emotion…
But is only a token,
Of a broken life,
A false crutch for the moment in place of the Christ.

How does one find true peace?…
Jesus stands through the storms of life never to cease.
He is our foundation of our salvation.
It is simple you see, first confess your sin to Him.

Cleansed by the blood of the Lamb…
It was all in God’s plan,
The perfect sacrifice,
The One who paid the ultimate price.

Jesus the Son of God was not afraid…
But prayed,
For God’s will to be done.
For Jesus was the perfect sacrifice, the only Begotten Son.

Where does the peace of God come from?…
From Jesus Christ, God’s Son.
Knowing He took our place,
And did it for our sake.

This is a reasurrance that we find peace in knowing…
That Christ forgave you and me by showing,
How much He wants us to be His own.
Never again to be alone.

It is a peace that the world does not have for us…
Let’s put our faith and trust,
In Jesus Christ and live life.
To the fullest in Christ.

Jesus leaves with us His peace…
The enemy of the flesh, world and Satan He did defeat.
The day Christ was resurrected from the cross.
With faith in our Jesus, never more to be lost.

Peace in knowing we are forgiven…
Of all our sins makes life worth living.
The unconditional love of Christ, He has given.
Brings us peace, in knowing we are forgiven. Amen!




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