Prayer For Self


Prayer For Self
By Tom D Blakely

Lord don’t rebuke me in Your wrath

Nor chasten me in anger,
Your arrows pierce me deeply Lord

Your hand comes down so heavy.
There is no soundness in my flesh

Because of Your fierce anger,

Nor any soundness in my bones

For my own sins I suffer.

My guilt has overwhelmed me Lord

The burden is so heavy,
My wounds are foul and festering

Because of sin and folly.
I’m troubled, I’m bowed greatly down

Each day I go through mourning,
There is no soundness in my flesh

Because of my transgression.

I’m weak and groan for I am crushed

My heart is in confusion,
All my desires are known to You
My thoughts cannot be hidden.
My heart beats fast, my strength is gone
I suffer loss of vision

My friends and loved ones stand far off
As I face Your correction.

My enemies lay snares for me
They speak of my destruction,
They seek my life and all day long
They plot and plan deception.
But like a mute who does not hear
My mouth I do not open,
Nor make response to any act
My God allows to happen.

In You O Lord, in You I hope

You hear my intercession,
Don’t let my enemies rejoice
Or give them satisfaction.
I slip and fall but not for them
I fall due to transgression,
I sorrow for my sinfulness
And loss of our communion.

My enemies are vigorous
And have grown very strong,
Repaying good with wickedness
And they hate me in the wrong.
Do not forsake me, O my Lord
The reason for my living,
Come quick, Your promises I claim
O Lord and my salvation!


[Paraphrase of Psalm 38]



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