Receiving The Holy Spirit


Receiving The Holy Spirit
By Frederick Blanchard

Holy Spirit sent down from the Most High,
Come and freely infiltrate our inner most mind,
And totally permeate the marrow of our soul,
Become the only vision of our minds eye.

We hunger not for morsels of kneaded bread,
Nor thirst for the finest wine of vineyards,
We seek not for any power generated by man,
Nor for trinkets of dust, but for holiness instead.

For the ultimate power to obtain lasting peace,
Lies with He, in whom we have placed our faith,
For out of His Throne flows pure waters of grace,
His mercy fills all our voids and will never cease.

We praise the Father for He alone feeds our hunger,
The purity of His love quenches our thirst,
Our spirits sense calmness in the eye of every storm,
As we rest in The Lord, both awake and while we slumber.




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