Refining Fire


Refining Fire
By Rita Broden

Lord, I try to glory
In these present circumstances
But the flesh keeps fighting back, I’ll have you know!
The mind tells me I’m crazy
It just does not understand
But glory, Lord, I WILL through all this woe!

Your thoughts are truly NOT our thoughts
Your ways are NOT our ways
I’m catching on but still, I’m not there yet
I’m sure applying all Your principles
To all that’s going on
Is part of how these needs will all be met!

I know You’ll walk beside me
As I continue on in trust
You’ll most likely slay a giant for me (or two!)
Help me keep my focus, Lord,
Through this battle that I’m in
I know you know that focus, Lord, is YOU.

It seems the battles DO get harder
And the road turns into mud
At times, I feel I’m stuck within the mire
But when this present battle’s over
And the victory’s been won
I’ll know I’ve made it through Your warm refining fire!




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