Remain Above The Pain


Remain Above The Pain
By W A Zamorano

Is there a dark cloud hanging over you
Let me tell you how to break through
Through to lasting Joy and Peace
Through to a night of restful sleep.

Instead of complaining and lamenting
Instead of blaming and venting
Lift your voice and start singing
Praise is God’s recipe for winning.

If you are fighting a crippling disease
That is keeping you physically bound
Let me share the answer I have found
How in the raging storm you may have peace.

The victory over pain and suffering
And the relentless waves of buffeting
Is demonstrated best by Silas and Paul
Whose praises rang through prison’s hall.

God’s ways are higher than our ways
He lifts our soul on waves of praise
While our pain and suffering still remains
Soaring like the eagle high above his prey.

Forgetting our physical condition
While in complete submission
We gaze upon His lovely face
Sustained by billows of His Grace.

The Word of God makes it very plain
We must not murmur and complain
We must give thanks in everything
God knows is not an easy thing.

But Hallelujah, when you do
You’ll soon be bursting through
The dark cloud hanging over you
Whether there is sunshine or rain
By riding on the wings of praise
You’ll remain above your pain.




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