Sun and Moon


Sun and Moon
By Frederick Blanchard

The sun and moon waltz across the twilight sky,
Watch them east to far west as they promenade,
Underneath the vast blanket of twinkling stars,
As they slowly begin to close each other’s eye.

For the eclipse of The Father’s creation begins,
As words of the prophets foretold way long ago,
When the melding of opposites merge into one,
And spiritual blindness is accepting of all sins.

A Christian nation is open and welcoming,
Into its chambers many idols of foreign gods.
Ignorant! As the parted sea covers the moon in red,
And rocks come alive with groans and trembling.

The day’s labels of a week are meaningless,
For one is no longer held in esteem of another,
And time is money instead of a recorder of the past,
Grappling selfishness instead of seeking cohesiveness.

The sun and the moon, wonderful signs in the sky,
With uncountable twinkling stars, each with a name,
Mapping out our travel in detail with road like signs,
Glory Hallelujah for our Father’s watchful eye.




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