The Most Incredible Ride


The Most Incredible Ride
By W A Zamorano

You never know
When you will go
When you leave this life
On the most incredible ride.

Angels will be your guide
To escort you
To the other side.

You will not know the day
When God’s chariot will come
And you will be carried away
To your mansion
Prepared by God’s Son.

It may be while you’re sleeping
It may be during prayer
While the watch you’re keeping
Burdened by life’s care.

Do you know, that you know
That you are ready to go
Have you forgiven your brother
Do you love one another.

Have you been to the cross
Have you given your life
To Jesus Christ
Or are you still lost.

Please take my advice
Give Jesus your life
And everything will be alright.

You’ll be ready
For the most incredible ride
Salvation is the only way
That leads to Paradise.

Just know this my Friend
Death is not the end
it is the beginning
Of Glory without end.




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