What Will I Be Doing?


What Will I Be Doing?
By Rita Broden

When the eastern sky splits open
When God reveals the Son on high
Just what will I be doing
When He appears up in the sky?

Will I be feeding those who hunger?
Visiting those who are sick or in jail?
Will I be lending one of my shoulders
To someone who needs to wail?

Will I be reaching out a hand
To someone who’s deep in need?
Will I be sharing the gospel of Christ
And planting for Jesus a seed?


Will I be sitting on the couch
In front of the TV god?
Watching it nearly 24/7
Until off to sleep I nod.

Will I be somewhere shopping
So as to sport the latest shoes?
Or will I be just around the block
Catching the latest gossip news?

Will He find me being impatient
As I stand in some check-out lane?
Will He find me looking past someone
As they pour out to me their pain?

Lord, I don’t know where You will find me
When you return to take me home
But I pray you’ll find me faithful
WHEREVER I may roam.




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