A God Of Second Chances


A God Of Second Chances

By Marie C Neubauer

They came to follow Jesus
But from His Word they strayed,
They had known God’s power
But now had lost their way,
For in the church at Sardis
Their light began to dim,
They became weak and powerless
Dead in transgressions and sin!

Words then written by Jesus
To His church were sent,
With love and tender mercy
He called them to repent,
It was a sobering warning
Addressing their compromise
And disobedience to His Word
Blinding their hearts and eyes!

He’s a God of second chances,
And His Words still stand today,
If we want to see His power
We must trust Christ and obey,
How much we need His miracles
Showing forth His strength and might,
Lord, send a revival once again
Engulf us with your truth and light!


[Revelation 3:1-6]



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