Apart From You


Apart From You
By Christine Hare Tate

Why do You love me or even care?

Amazing how You’re mindful of me.

I slip and fall so many times,

yet you pick me up so faithfully.

Tenderly You hold me up,

patiently you guide me along…

no matter how I fail I know,

You are powerful and strong.

Your peace floods my spirit,

it soothes the hurts I feel…

You put a smile upon my face,

Your love for me is real!

In fair skies you’re there and

during storms you give me rest.

You’re the anchor of my soul

and I am truly blessed!

On this bumpy journey,

One thing I can’t afford,

Is to face another day

apart from You dear Lord!


‘…Apart from Me you can do nothing.’
[John 15:5]



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