Are You Grazing In His Fold?


Are You Grazing In His Fold?
By Christine Hare Tate

Hearts are waxing colder

As fear permeates the nations,

Find shelter in Christ Jesus,

In this time of speculation.

Are you following the Lord

Are you grazing in His fold?

Is peace settled in your spirit

Or is fear starting to take hold?

Do you hear the voice of God

In a time of strong delusion?

Or are you tossed to and fro,

A victim of confusion?

The crowds can often lead you

Down the road to destruction,

Be sure God’s word alone is

Giving you instruction.

Hold no one in high esteem,

Always test the fruits of men,

Cause many are ravenous wolves

Who claim they’re born again.

Banishment from heaven

Is a tragic consequence…

But Heaven welcomes everyone

Who is humble and repents.




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