CHRISTIAN (acrostic)
By Frederick Blanchard

The Christian strives to be:

C onfident in the power of God and His promises,
            Found in His Word.

H umble in spirit and grateful for mercy and grace,
            And the truth in His Word.

R everent in a heart felt attitude, of the Father,
            And of His Holy Word.

I dentifies with the teachings of Jesus the Christ,
            Taught by the Word.

S anctified through and by the purity of the Lamb,
            Guaranteed by the Word.

T rusting wholly in God’s Mercy and Grace,
           Freely flowing out from The Word.

I mitator of the attributes of our Creator,
            Shown to us by the Word.

A cknowledging all truth is found in Adoni,
            For, “in the beginning was the Word.”

N avigates their life with wisdom and knowledge
            Written in and the Word.



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