Christ’s Righteousness, Alone


Christ’s Righteousness, Alone
By June Stein

Paul said the Jews had a zeal for God; to this he could attest,
But that zeal was not enlightened…
For in their own righteousness they deigned to rest.
They didn’t know the righteousness that comes from God, alone,
Won for us by Jesus when crucified,
For our sins to atone.

His is the only righteousness in which we may be clothed…
Man could never wholly keep God’s law,
We were born in sin and of ourselves, in sin we would remain,
But the blood of Jesus covers every sin and flaw,
When we confess our sin and seek His Face,
To His Own righteousness He gives us claim!

We Glory in His Holy Name!

Thanks be to God!


[Romans 10: 1-4]



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