Come The Day!


Come The Day!
By June Stein

Come the day of the Lord’s return,
Have you thought where you might be?
If He should come in our time,
Could you meet Him worry free?
True, we don’t know when He will come,
But be ready for that day!
Like a thief in the night to some,
To others, God’s perfect Way.

Our God is all Truth and Wisdom,
Without beginning or end,
He loves us with a love so deep,
We can never comprehend,
Yet we know His love in Jesus,
His only beloved Son,
Who came to earth to die for us,
By His death, our souls were won.

Only Jesus’ life could atone,
For all the sin in the world,
Only in Him, are we redeemed,
Saved through the blood of our Lord,
Because He lives we, too, shall live,
When we seek Him and believe,
So if you have not known the Lord,
Invite Him in and receive.

Wait no longer to make that choice,
Your day could be any day,
Whether when Christ returns to earth,
Or sudden end to life’s way,
On your day to meet Christ Jesus,
You can greet Him joyfully,
Knowing you have eternal life,
For He gives us Victory!


‘For God so loved the world that He gave
His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should
not perish but have eternal life.’
[John 3:16 ]



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