By June Stein

He is Risen!
He is Risen, indeed!

This greeting and response is old, and yet new every year,
No matter how long we have heard it,
It is glorious to hear!
These few words exemplify the core and center of our faith,
Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, once for all of time,
Suffered and died in our place.

In Lent, we grieve in heart for all that our Savior went through,
Something we can never fully comprehend,
But then on Easter morning, everything is new!
Because He lives, we too shall live!
New birth – new life forever in Christ,
A brand new beginning – His Holy gift is LIFE!

Such joy and peace, forgiveness and Grace,
Were never known before,
Let us all together give thanks, as we worship and adore –
Our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ,
He is our Lord forevermore!
A Happy, Joyous Easter!




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