God’s Plan For Man


God’s Plan For Man
By W A Zamorano

All true believers are commissioned

To share the Good News of Salvation

With every kindred and every nation

Until everyone knows the reason why

The Son of God came to earth to die.

Jesus Christ had to lay down His life

For the Father’s will to be satisfied.

His sinless Blood is the only sacrifice

By which man’s spirit can be revived

And in the courts of Heaven justified.

Whosoever calls on the Name of Christ

Will receive the gift of everlasting life.

He’ll meet Jesus at the gate to Paradise

Where there is neither day nor night

Where it’s never dark, for He is the light.

From mortality to immortality to be raised

For man to take the place of Lucifer’s space

This has been the Father’s plan for man

Before creation, before the world began

To receive praise to the glory of His Grace.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Come and join the glad refrain

Let us praise His Holy Name.


[Ephesians chapter 1]


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