He Leads Me And He Guides Me


He Leads Me And He Guides Me
By Joanne Standfield

Another day unfolds before me
rich with my Father’s love,
so aware now of His presence,
the dew of heaven from above.
He leads me and He guides me
to pastures fresh and new,
beside those still waters
where I’m strengthened and renewed.
I will fear and dread no evil
for His rod and staff they comfort me
as He prepares a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
I will declare the Name of my Saviour,
in the congregation I’ll give Him praise
for my heart overflows with love
for the author of all my days.
The sweet companionship of my beloved
is all that I desire,
for He loves me like no other
as I soar with Him… higher and higher!




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