Let All Offenses Go


Let All Offenses Go
By W A Zamorano

Beloved, now is the time
To let all offenses go
Now is the time
To let forgiveness flow.

Cast off the chains
That have you bound
And give the enemy no ground
For his tormenters to stay around.

As long as you keep
An offense in your heart
The enemy has a legal right
To come into your life.

As long as you harbor that sin
You inadvertently let the devil win
It is the goal of the enemy
To keep you from your destiny.

We must forgive so we can be forgiven
Let us be quick
To recognize the devil’s trick
Let not his accusations stick.

My dear Sister and Brother
Let us love each other
Let us confess
Our faults to one another.

There is only one thing we owe
Each other here below
Freely let forgiveness flow
We must let all offenses go.

Forgiveness has a condition
If we do not forgive, there will be no remission
We will remain in our sin
And watch the tormenters come in.

Let us make the choice
To listen to the Savior’s voice
As He was hanging on the cross
Laying His life down for the lost.

“Father, forgive them
For they know not what they do”

Let us do the same
Forgive all offenses in His Name
So that we might be set free
To fulfill our destiny.




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