Lord Of Hosts


Lord Of Hosts
By Frederick Blanchard

Lord of Hosts, you reign from above,
Governing over the heavens and the earth,
We tremble in reverent fear of You,
Yet warmth is felt by your abiding love.

Though undeserving, may we continue,
To dwell in the richness of Your blessings,
Receiving unmerited flow of Your forgiveness,
Even though soiled by earth’s sinful venue.

As the ravens long ago fed Prophet Elijah,
We still receive your manna filling and sweet,
That flows out from Your abundant provisions,
Sanctified by the living Word, our glorious Messiah.

We give You thanks for smiles and laughter,
For the sanctity of life, for babies soft coo,
For colors galore, the blanket of nightly stars,
For the touch of rain and all the wonders that stir.

May we become the mirrored message,
Of the purity that you would have us be,
Reflecting the wholesome unity of love,
Of the Light, of our Father’s Holy image.




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