By Souad Susu Majdoub

God created us from a piece of Him
A master Creator without a doubt
And what a piece the Master made out of His creation
Giving humans an absolute definition
One that justifies any basic recognition
Of one fact alone
We are created, Masterpieces!

Clay moulded to such finesse
Without the thorn of daily stress
A Divine brush of perfect features
A shading to tones befitting the creation
Each merits the right to be a masterpiece
For He created us for His glory.

I stand to the fact that I am created perfect in Him
Therefore I declare that I am a masterpiece
Formed in seconds with such ease
I salute my Maker
For He is the Divine Baker
I will delight in why I was thus made
Knowing before Him only my beauty will not fade
You see, to Him I am a masterpiece.

Every piece of me reflects my Master
Therefore I cannot be wiped out by a duster
Except He breathes me out.

I am a masterpiece
Proudly I confess it
I can only hope to master the meaning of life
Pieces joining together to complete a file
But I can never master every piece
For He alone can do it
The Creator of every masterpiece.

On my own I am nothing
Except He commands me to be
And as He has formed me
I can only worship Him
Every privilege He allows me
Is to partake of His Divinity.

I am a masterpiece of the Most High
To refute this would be a lie
The magnitude of His ways cause me to shy
But all my days I want to know why.

Alas, I can go no further
We praise the Divine Potter
Who is as magical as flowing water
No need to question a unique Master
For in Him we have our essence.


‘For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,
which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.’
[Ephesians 2:10]



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