Set Aside The Sandals


Set Aside The Sandals
By Frederick Blanchard

Help us Lord, to set aside the sandals of our spirit,
As we approach the White Throne of grace,
For it is holy ground, a haven of love and mercy,
A sanctuary of worship, of a special time and place.

Oh Father, how beautiful are your scriptures,
Thy words flow in abundance of refined grace,
And there’re made up of the sweetest honey,
Drawn from nectars of your love we so embrace.

We yearn today, to be with you in communion,
To knit together our spirits in a much closer harmony,
Desiring to drink a cup of wisdom and understanding,
For our hearts are ready to listen to your holy symphony.

Father, grant us some nourishment from the trinity,
A bit of wisdom from you, our awesome Creator,
And some knowledge of application from Christ our Lord,
Combined with understanding from the Comforter.


‘Do not come any closer, God said.
Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.’
[Exodus 3:5]



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