The Bridegroom IS Coming


The Bridegroom IS Coming
By Rita Broden

Happy they sat in the church pews
Devoted were they every week
Faithful attendance would mark them
As those to whom one prayers might seek.

With knowledge they quoted the scriptures
Verse after verse they’d repeat
And yet for all their appearance
They’d soon find they were not complete.

Then, one day the eastern sky opened
The bridegroom came seeking His bride
When Truth hit these folks smack dab in the face
The pew sitters sought somewhere to hide.

No longer could they wear false faces
No longer could they just pretend
When the bridegroom did not take them with Him
They found their worlds turned up on end.

These brides that were left were not ready
Deceived they had been all along
It wasn’t enough to warm pews and quote scriptures,
Or to even sing praise in a song.

In idleness they’d been caught sleeping
Neglect found them guilty as sin
Complacency bound their compassion
They had not sought lost souls to win.

Grieving, these brides started crying
Despair filled their souls through and through
The bridegroom IS coming my dear and sweet friends
May He find faithfulness in me and you.




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