The Healing


The Healing

By Rita Broden

For three weeks she’d been very ill
The fever would not break
Her appetite was gone as well
Leaving weight loss in its wake.

Weak she was, this frightened gal
The ‘scripts she took weren’t helping her
She got dizzy when she tried to walk
And her vision was a blur.

Delirium would soon set in
A dream world clogged her mind
She no longer knew reality
It had left her far behind.

A knock upon her door, she heard
She shuffled ‘cross the floor
So slowly was she shuffling
The knock came yet some more.

She reached the door and asked, “Who is it?”
“A friend!” came the reply
“I know that you’ve been very sick
So I wanted to come by.”

”I believe that I can help you, friend,
If you’ll just let me in
If you’ll open up your door
The healing process can begin.”

”Sir, I’ve never met you!
My ‘friend’ you say you are?”
“Trust me!” were the words he spoke
“You have known me from afar!”

”The night your grandma died
I was standing next to you
I wanted so to give you comfort –
Hold you close – but you withdrew.”

”I tried to dry your tears
When other’s scandalized your name
But like the night your grandma died
You withdrew just the same.”

”All the many other times
I was with you through your pain
Please don’t deny my help this time!
From my help SO MUCH you’ll gain!”

”Please, open up your door
You’ll recognize me as your friend
I’ll heal your sickness and your heartaches
I’ll bring your woes all to an end!”

”I’ll replace that heavy spirit
With a garment full of praise!
I’ll never leave you or forsake you!
I’ll be with you ALL of your days!”

And so, she opened up the door
This friend DID heal her and console!
Her body felt much stronger
And a peace had filled her soul!

And suddenly she realized
She was kneeling by her bed
Had the visitor been real?
Or had delirium touched her head?

She felt her forehead: Normal!
Her face was wet with tears
She searched and searched within her soul
GONE were all her fears!

She realized she’d FINALLY
Let the Lord in through her door
Had she known what peace He offers
She would have done it LONG before!

The moral to this story
If you haven’t guessed by now –
The Lord offers all these things to YOU!
If through your door HIM you’ll allow!

Jesus DOES love you!




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