There Is A Mansion


There Is A Mansion
By Tom D Blakely

There is a mansion in God’s house
that Jesus keeps for me.
I have a future life of joy
for all eternity.
This sinful world, loosens its grip
soon it will all be past;
Trials will finish, sorrows will end
I will find peace at last.

Heaven is shining high above
brighter than noon-day sun.
Spotless and perfect is the realm
ruled by the Holy One.
There is no sin, there is no pain
tears have been wiped away;
Lord make me ready for Your call
help me across I pray.

Praise to the Father who is God
He who has chosen me.
Praise to the Spirit for His work
giving me light to see.
Praise to the Son, praises through tears
Lord take me by the hand;
Death is a blessing that will lead
into the promised land.


‘In my Father’s house there are many mansions. . . I go to prepare a place for you.’
[John 14:2]



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