What’s Important?


What’s Important?
By Cinda M Carter

My goodness, there are dishes in the sink.
What will company think?
Or, I have much to do today.
Don’t have the time to pray.

Oh, I need to make a telephone call today.
I need to stay busy for Jesus instead of pray.
I’m afraid I won’t get everything done.
The day has already ended with the setting of the sun.

I just didn’t take the time to pray.
Guilt sets in and I’m afraid.
Help me dear Lord, to remember what is truly important in my life.
And that’s sitting at the feet of Jesus the one they call Christ.

Let us worship and adore Him.
Jesus who is truly our best Friend.
You have a problem.
Jesus can solve them.

He is merciful to each one of us.
Believe on the Lord Jesus and trust.
He forgives our sin.
With Him you need not pretend.

Pretending that you’re something you’re not.
His forgiveness is free for the asking, Please Stop!
Stop and give Jesus your heart today.
When you kneel at the Savior’s feet to pray.

Come to Jesus and kneel.
He will make Himself known to you, He will become real.
Worship Him in adoration and praise.
As you begin your new day.




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