Breathe In His Love


Breathe In His Love
By Frederick Blanchard

In the early of the new morning when you arise,
Close your eyes and open wide your heart,
And breathe in the freshness of God’s love,
While feeling the warm caress of the early sunrise.

Sense the air so fresh and peacefully still,
As lilies openly smile tasting morn’s dew,
Hear a kitten’s purr, a baby’s coo, and a distant loon call,
Watch yesterday’s fawn trotting by seeking a thrill.

Wrinkled bark on an old shade maple tree,
Bring memories of sandbox, swings and giggles,
Of toothless smiles and lectures from the young,
Cuddles, sucking of thumbs and an embellished story.

Precious are these moments of spiritual union,
Experienced in the oasis of the Father’s love,
Whispers from above, a gentleness, who else could afford,
A worthwhile time spent in true communion.




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