Consider This


Consider This
By Tom D Blakely

Consider this God’s children
Your homes are lined enough.
For what good is your treasure
If not in heaven above?
The Lord to you has spoken
For all have turned away,
To build their private houses
Whilst God’s house does decay.

You’ve sown much for little
You eat but are not filled.
You clothe yourselves in plenty
But still your body’s chilled.
You earn yourselves fine wages
And strive for greater goals,
But you have placed your money
Into a bag with holes.

Go now and build the temple
To glorify God’s name.
You know this is His pleasure
But let this be your aim;
Ensure that your foundation
Is built on solid ground,
For if it’s not on Jesus
The work will not be sound.

Our Saviour left the splendour
The riches of above
To seek a special treasure,
The fallen that He loved.
So may we live for Jesus
This world will pass away,
And spiritual possessions
Alone will count that day.


[Drawn from the book of Haggai, Chapter 1]



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