Contend For The Faith


Contend For The Faith
By June Stein

Contend for the faith, My dear ones,
Don’t let this world confound you,
Whatever else shall come to you,
My Presence still surrounds you,
This time was long ago foretold,
This turmoil has to be,
A final shaking of the rot within,
For salvation, a last opportunity.

My Word is going throughout the world,
The Gospel will soon reach to all,
Be patient, steadfast and confident,
For My Love is over all,
Many will hear and answer My call.
There is a last, great harvest…
Of souls who will turn to Me,
Many will still be damned to Hell,
Because they refuse to believe in Me.

You, My dear and faithful saints,
Will behold My Glory at the trumpet call—
I will take you home with Me,
Forevermore, you will live in My Glory,
From earth’s sinful ways, you will be free!
Nothing will bar your way to Me.
Now, beyond complete understanding,
What you believed in faith, soon you will see!
Where I AM, forever, you will be!




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