Faith Like A Child


Faith Like A Child
By W A Zamorano

Are you waiting on the Lord
To answer your request
But instead of a good report
You are going through a test.

He is at work inside of you
He is shaping and making
And melting and molding you
Until Jesus will shine through.

He is your Father
He knows what’s best for you
He will not give you more
Than you can bear.

Our God is just and fair
He won’t leave you in despair
Submit yourself into His care
He promised, He’ll be there.

Just like water comes out
When you turn the spout
There must be no doubt
That the answer to your prayer
will most certainly come about.

God is not a man
That He should lie
What He has promised
He will also supply.

We must be like a little child
Who doesn’t question why
He might have to wait a while
He knows that Daddy will provide
Their simple faith makes Jesus smile.




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