Feeling Left Out


Feeling Left Out
(Peer Pressure)
By Lucia K Haase

Sometimes when you feel left out,
smile and give a joyful shout! –
That’s God’s way and do not doubt!
There’s no need to feel alone;
you’ll be as the cornerstone.
In His Word, you will have grown!

God brings out the best in you;
He is with you through and through
everyday, in all you do!
He will send a friend your way;
do not feel left out, but pray,
growing in His Word, each day!



 Psalm 118:18…’The stone which the builders rejected
has become the chief cornerstone.’ (That cornerstone is – Jesus)
Romans 12:2…’Do not conform any longer to the pattern
of this world…'(Because it is not God’s way for His children)



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