Guide My Steps


Guide My Steps
By Tom D Blakely

Guide my steps precious Lord as I walk in the way
Shine a light on my path by the light of your word,
May your word always be all that I need to see
Through the darkness and sin which abound in the world.

I remember the day that I first saw the light
When the Lord brought conviction through His blessed Word,
Where I learnt that my sin earned me judgment and death
But that Christ died for sinners that they might be spared.

In the Bible I find all that Christ did for me
How He suffered and bled, how he died on the tree,
And of sin’s heavy debt paid in full with His blood
At the gateway to heaven; the hill Calvary.

I belong to the Lord, I am His evermore
To the one who has saved me at such heavy cost.
As I walk through this world in the light of His Word
Though the darkness be great I need never be lost.




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